October 23, 2020

Management Pitfalls

This week the gang talks about shitty management. Don't worry managers, we talk about shitty actors too. Check out our new site at codeyellow.info !

October 8, 2020


This week the gang talks about hecklers and why they shouldn't ruin your life.  Catch us live every other week on Facebook /codeyellowofficial . 

September 23, 2020

New Hosts! Who Dis!?

We're back and with new members to the team! This is our first live stream podcast. We had some audio issues ( as usual, but these are a bit more annoying) that we'll hopefully get ironed out before next episode! Welcome our new hosts! Check us out at our new site codeyellow.info and give us a follow on Facebook to keep up with our bi-weekly live stream!

June 7, 2020

ROTLP Dish on Racism

This week's special episode Teddy joins Jared and the former hosts of Return of the Living Podcast to talk about fighting bs in the past and fighting racism now.

May 29, 2020

Taking A Break

It's a good time to take a step back from haunting. 

May 15, 2020

COVID-19 Haunt Panel

This week our boys sat down with the best of the best to talk COVID-19. Joining us is Allen Hopps(Dark Hour), Brett Hays(President of the HAA), Tristin Pierce(Mysterious Mansion), and Chris Gay(Haunt Tech Tips/ EMT/ Fire Fighter). 

April 9, 2020

For The Green Kids

Today is all about the new actors. If you're new to haunting these tips will make you look like a pro when you show up night 1!

March 25, 2020

Character Creation Pt. 2

This week we cover a little bit more about designing a character and how a to play them. Audio is rough this week! We got Teddy a new mic so next episode should be back to normal! Check out our Patreon HERE: https://bit.ly/2I60f99

March 12, 2020

Making A Character Pt. 1

This week we revisit the basics of making a new haunt character!

February 28, 2020


In this episode, we talk about how vulnerability can be better than strength when acting. Our Patreon is now live!! Support us at: https://www.patreon.com/user?u=20826315&fan_landing=true . Special Note: Teddy lost his mic and recording space in a flood, so the audio is whack this week. Please bear with us!

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